SeekABrew is powered by a community-maintained distribution spreadhseet of US craft beer originally compiled by nickd717. The distribution map page lets you see which states your favorite breweries distribute to. The compare distribution page lets you compare the breweries that distribute to any two states. Next time you are on vacation or a road trip, use this tool to figure out what breweries to look for.


The US beer distribution data is a community effort to maintain. It's only as accurate as the updates that get sent in, so if you see a brewery on the shelves that's not on the map, email John and he will add it.

You can also contact me directly regarding distribution data by email or on TalkBeer.


I'm currently accepting donations to pay for hosting and keep the site running. Thanks for your support!


Big thanks to nickd717, John (aka JM03) and others who originally compiled (and still update) distribution data.
Map image from Wikimedia
State boundaries and maphilight plugin from David Lynch